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Regional officials in Ethiopia are demanding that foreign cement producers in the east African country, including Dangote Cement Plc, surrender control of some parts of their businesses to unemployed youth, Bloomberg reported Monday.Dangote Cement’s 2.5 million metric tons per annum plant in Ethiopia is facing protests by youth groups demanding…

Cashing In Through Online Tubes

Written by Thursday, 16 March 2017 13:19
Anyone that uses the internet has watched a video online. Websites are popping up in the country showing videos that are entertaining and informing for viewers. It is a new business idea to create a website and make a profit when the videos which are posted on a website goes…
Fashion manufacturer Bagir Group is to buy the remaining 50% stake in Nazareth Garments, the joint venture owner of its manufacturing site in Ethiopia, for $1.9m in order to consolidate its presence in the country which it believes has strategic advantages due to its duty-free export status.The stake will be…

Ethiopian Rail Corporation’s Debt: How Big Is It?

Written by Friday, 03 February 2017 19:41
The Ethiopian Reporter (ER) newspaper has been presenting shocking facts about extents of corporate bankruptcies. These have escalated particularly since #OromoProtests started in November 2015. Such reports are becoming commonplace so much that we do not even pay much attention to them. We have been reading about a series of…
The government of Ethiopia has vowed to crush all threats to its economic model and insists it is succeeding in restoring order as it grapples with the most serious threat to its 26-year hold on power.Negeri Lencho, the communications minister, told the Financial Times that a state of emergency imposed…


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