Ethiopia: Journalists cry out inside the prison cell. Featured

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The now defunct magazine "Addis Gets" editor Elias Gebru and a columnist Ananya Sorry call the United Nations and the United States to look after Ethiopia's state of Emergency.

Both journalists on their letter requested the UN Secretary General and the US Ambassador to African Union to push the Ethiopian government lift the state of emergency and free all prisoners including themselves who are currently in prison for exercising their constitutional rights.

On their letter, "Ethiopian government needs to be pushed to respect the constitution." they said. "In a sovereign country the government and the people should have a smooth relationship through the constitution. A country that follow the rule of law shall proceed to economic growth and prosperity. If the country moves towards the opposite direction of this, then it will be easy to tell the consequence: chaos and hardships."

They further explained that their work as journalists made them vulnerable for their arrest because they have been publishing the last year nationwide protest and giving coverage for prominent opposition leaders.

On their letter they also pointed out many of the human rights abuses they have faced in the prison. "We are not criminals. We are professional journalists and human rights defenders," they said.

Ethiopian government officially announced over 20,000 people were arrested since October, 2016 following the state of emergency and some of them were released few weeks ago after given trainings  in promise of "Never Again".



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