At the moment when she lost her home and family, Hanna Tsegaye was spending her Saturday night with a neighborhood friend. Around 8 p.m. on March 11, Ms. Hanna, 16, heard a strange sound, like rushing wind, and felt the ground shake beneath her feet. She rushed outside and saw…
The Ethiopian government has relaxed some of the restrictions on civil liberties imposed under a state of emergency declared on October 9, 2016. Curfews imposed near industrial sites and mega projects are no longer in effect, while the Command Post formed to enforce the decree can no longer arrest suspects…
The High Court in Kenya has blocked the government's bid to close the largest refugee camp in the world.A directive to shut the Dadaab camp and forcibly repatriate about 260,000 Somali refugees living there was issued last year.The deadline for its closure had been extended until May, but a high…

The Price of Human rights defenders in Ethiopia

Written by Tuesday, 07 February 2017 21:37
Journalist Elias Gebru and Columnist Ananya Sorry were seen in chain during their trial in Cort. Both were jailed following the six months state of emergency. Their crime was only speaking their mind. 
Ethiopia has built a new palace on Entoto Avenue at a cost of 130 million Birr (over US$ 5 million) to move the Head of the State President Mulatu Teshome next month, according to a source close to the issue. The extravagant new palace designed by Ultimate Architects and built…
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