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8 Signs Your May Be Eating Too Much Sugar


We like to think that we take all the credit for realizing certain flaws in our lives, but in many cases our bodies are the ones that do most of the realizing when something is not right. For example, if you’ve started putting on extra weight, or have developed a muffin top that just won’t budge.



You may have been the one to realize it, but in reality, it’s your body giving you a sign that something in your diet needs to be changed. Maybe it’s telling you that you need to quit consuming sugar.



The following are some of the top symptoms of a high sugar diet. If you’ve recognized some of these, then maybe it’s time to quit sugar and get yourself back on track.

Cravings: If you’re finding it hard to quit consuming sugar, don’t panic because you’re not alone. According to research, the desire to consume sugar is very similar to a drug addiction. Addiction is a reward system. When you consume sugar, your brain rewards you with instant pleasure.

In order to reduce your craving, you have to do so by eating foods that are not only healthy for you, but will keep you full for long periods of time. Studies have confirmed that the most filling foods are potatoes, lentils, bananas, and oats. In contrast, sugary foods such as ice cream, cookies and potato chips leave you wanting more.

Wrinkles: Another tell tale sign is if you begin to experience wrinkles on your skin. If you’re up there in age, then this may be hard to spot, but if you’re not, then it’s time to pay attention. Sugar affects collagen and elastin, which are two essential proteins that give strength to your skin. When you consume sugar, it jumpstarts a process called glycation, which is when glucose and fructose bond to other proteins.

When these two molecules make contact with collagen and elastin, it ages your skin. To keep your skin fresh and beautiful, you need to reduce sugar and use skin lotions and drink lots of water and tea.

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