Home Health Cancer incidence record hits over 200,000 in Ethiopia-Official

Cancer incidence record hits over 200,000 in Ethiopia-Official


Cancer has become a serious public health problem in Ethiopia with annual incidence of more than 200,000 cases, a senior health official said on Tuesday.In an interview with APA on Tuesday Dr. Aynalem Abraha Oncologist at Black Lion Hospital said although population-based data do not exist in the country, the annual incidence of cancer has increased by far more than three- folds from 60,960 four years ago.

According to the Oncologist the deadly disease accounts for six percent of the national mortality while breast cancer, cancer of the cervix and colorectal cancer being the major killers.

Dr Aynalem said in Ethiopian case, women are more vulnerable to cancer than men and uterine cervix and breast cancer causing two-thirds of annual cancer deaths among women.

“When the Cancer Center of the Black Lion Hospital was established in 1997, there were only 80 cancer patients but now 10,000 cancer patients are being treated at the center annually, excluding hundreds of thousands victims who never come to cancer treatment centers as most of them do not know there is due to cancer” he said.



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