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Falsity: Result of a conclusion that does not follow from the premises


by Dr. Dejenie A. Lakew

Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics (Former) Stratford University


Ethiopia is burning within for no apparent reason but foolishness and logical absurdities. Source of the foolishness and logical absurdity: TPLF Philoscelus = TPLF Love of Crime.

The evolution of humans is mostly due to the capacity of our brain to think and reason to search for truth in order to solve problems and live better. On the other hand the way we think and reason depend on our level of consciousness to understand ourselves, our environment and the world at large superimposed with our capacity to imagine beyond what is known.

Decisions and thereby actions follow from the way our thinking process works, and our actions again give guide further to what our thinking process should be.

Since thinking, either rational or irrational, is carried out in our brain, the should be cognitive and logical structure of our body system, the way people think is different. The way individuals arrive at what is called truth to them and make decisions and thereby actions, is different from one person to another or from one culture to another culture.

Truth might be conceptual which exists as a concept that is verified theoretically following rules of logic and correct reasoning and the other is empirical, truth that is verified by physical testing, that is verified by the actual happening of reality. Now there are things which are neither conceptually nor empirically true. One example is the TPLF in my coinage “Philoscelus Love of Crime” and its “Acts of Crimes” as a means of living and unethical gateway to prosperity, which both are neither conceptually nor empirically true, but are logical absurdities and fallacies of a higher order.

In thinking processes, logic plays a fundamental role in putting things in a clear perspective, and the way we think and reason on issues, starting from friendship to social, political or economic, guide our living styles, our end goals of relations we have with others based on what truth or fairness to us in general are. The simplest and basic form of logical argument making and reasoning is what we call conditional or implication, the process of determining whether a conclusion follows from the premises or set of premises so that we make decisions. In its simplest and purest form, such a logical statement is utterly false, only when the premise(s) or hypothesis is (are) true and the conclusion is false.

A conditional is a logical statement written in the form: p ⇒ q where p is the hypothesis or premises and q is the conclusion. The arrow “⇒” symbolizes “implies” or “follows”. Such an argument form is always false when only p is true and q is false. Even p and q can be false and the conditional is still true, you can start from false premise and arrive at a false conclusion which is valid and true, or p can be false and q be true but the conditional is still Proper thinking and thereby fair actions emanate from  putting our thoughts and arguments in such a manner so that they be true regardless of space and time, invariant from person to person. Because of the existence of such universally truths, truth common to all humans, relations among different people, parts of the human society near or across the globe are established and maintained. But if there is a person, or a group of people or a culture who do not have such basic principles of truth, no such binding truth that controls wrong actions, then it is very difficult to establish relations with such person or group or cultures as they have no any basic ground up on which relations can be established, held accountable and be controlled, for longer times.

TPLF and its beneficiaries are one typical example I and every Ethiopian know, even in the whole of the human society, who do not have such thinking modalities and binding truths of communality, ethics of accountability, which all emanate from lack of proper reasoning and developed thinking of a human kind.

In a correct logical argument form, if a premise (s) is (are) true in a logical conditional, then, in order the statement or the conditional to be true, the conclusion has to be necessarily true as well. If the conclusion is false then the whole statement is false. In symbols: If p:T(True) and q:F(False), then the statements p ⇒ q is F(false). This is what Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam argued recently regarding TPLF, the notorious club of barbarians in contemporary Ethiopia and their crimes and the correcting measures he thought needed.

Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam recently wrote with furor and urgency, a mesmerizing chronology of crimes TPLF and its mercenary beneficiaries mindlessly committed for the last twenty five + years :

  • Against Ethiopia, making her land locked for no apparent reasons but lack of a faintest thinking of a crocodile level and political vision, in which the country now becomes the lame and defenseless from among its neighbors, and week in economic future as it either begs for lower port tariffs or for even getting access to sea for It is not a secrete that land locked countries always remain economically weak and politically and militarily insignificant since those who have access to oceans and seas control routs of trade and business and have free mobility for their navy force. Ethiopia was considered one of the four superpowers during our forefathers, stellar and powerful Ethiopian kings, Ezana, Kaleb and others of the Aksumite times, who controlled the Red sea and ruled across the Arabian lands with recognized imprints of power and lasting achievements of governance.

Meles Zenawi in the contrary argued, with baldness, a baldness that comes from empty head, lack of knowledge and lack of a political culture of knowing what a country is, how it came to exist, and a paralysis of vision that emanated from his upbringing, where begging is a good source of living as long as there are rich people who live around and get things he wants by begging. He argued there is no need to have a home of your own as long as there are hotels available for rent and as long as you have money from begging that you can pay and sleep. Literally this guy is a stone thrown from hell who does not think by his brain but argues through effects of his senses and emotions, port he argued, is a commodity where countries can buy it in markets like sugar. There is no humiliation and betrayal Ethiopians and Ethiopia saw than someone who pretended leading her said and did something despicable, which is logically absurd, and politically false that chocked the country and damaged her and its citizens miserably for all times to come.

  • Falsifying, painting dirt and diminishing its enviously glorious history, insulting and criminalizing its heroes and heroines, visionary leaders and patriots who built and defended the country for thousands of years with huge cost of life, courage and bravery and resources, for no reason but hate and
  • Planning to run a wild society from nowhere and to nowhere, creating malicious rules and regulations as a “constitution” first and foremost to divide, create seemingly wounds from fictitious stories among Ethiopians to ride ordinary people with sensual emotions and make Ethiopians fight each other deadly along language lines (using the fictitious stories to make one a moving target by others), so that TPLF and its mindless followers robe vast fertile lands from other places across the country and built as owners of those new
  • The northern part of Gondar province traditionally known in folklore dances and songs as Welkaite Tegdeine, Humera and Telemt, Wello and Afar are made by force part of Tigray, and settling hundreds of thousands of people of Tigray on them, by giving them free resources and money from Ethiopian banks to establish business and farms freely on the robed lands and ethnically cleansing the Amhara people from their historical lands, even in Gojam, Their strange and absurd thinking modality, the root cause of their problem, is displayed, after they take your property openly and force you to be their friends again and want you live happily with them. What is that behavior? That is not a human behavior but of an animal, or of a subhuman which is not aware of what it does but live in natural instincts. A human behavior, a thoughtful and mindful act which sees truthful and truthful relations as more important for future and amicable coexistence.
  • The land robbery and genocide they committed in Shewa, Gambela, Afar, and the southern The market places and shops they confiscated and dislocated the people and occupied such as Merakato, Bahir Dar market places and in every city super markets and shops.
  • The number of jobs they gave to their people with no training and deny others or request a party membership, with no shame and no
  • The number of factories, universities, hospitals and air ports built in Tigary, the 5%-6% population, compared to the 95% + population of the country. They cheated the nominal parliament to say yes, and build a train line from Djibouti to Mekelle, while train is essentially needed for communication and transpiration of people and resources with in places that have huge people and huge recourses, not All these are symptomatic unfairness acts that took place in the country since TPLF came to power. In all measurements of human development index, Tigary stood on top of every region, why? How could a person who clearly has neither natural ability nor a physical training can be declared a winner of a competition of a physical activity from among professional athletes, unless the judges are unethical individuals like TPLF who make decisions not based on truth and reason but based on what they need, purely animal instinct, not of human.
  • Their innate desires to create infightings and bloodshed within Ethiopians is mid blowing to the say the Because they could not do it on the ground, they opened an office of destabilization to the Gondar province (Kimant, Amhara, Tegedie, Tsegedie, playing with words, as if Tsegaye will be a Tigray person because it was written Tse ) an act they learnt from Egypt which intentionally recruited the notorious cattle raider bandit (shifta) Idris Awate from low land areas of Eritrean province to establish a radio station in Cairo and preach and make emotional appeals to the people of Eritrea so that they get Independence from Ethiopia. It was that inception from the mind of an enemy perceived by a mindless fellow countrymen that lead to the 20 + years of bloodshed and distractions of infrastructures which could have been used to advance the people of Ethiopia (including Eritrea) and eventually lead to the current human tragedy that is unfolding in Eritrea today. Falsely they have been told and believed they were the most free and the would be richest people in the horn, instead the most prosecuted, the most shackled, dispersed and enslaved people in the deserts of northern Africa, because of what they have gotten, not what they have been told through their emotions to pick guns and fight their own country and get away from it like a psychotic person.
  • The uncountable crimes they committed against innocent citizens of Ethiopia, because they think free, think right and express their ideas about the unfair, irrational behaviors and out of reality rule of TPLF, and luxury livings of its multitudes of mercenary beneficiaries .
  • The hundreds and thousands of Amharas, Oromos and other Ethiopian citizens who have been incarcerated, insulted, humiliated and many of whom tortured and killed and killed and vanished.
  • The number of professionals, politicians, writers and journalists who are jailed, tortured and left the country they love.
  • The broad day crimes witnessed by every Ethiopian and the world, including live bullet killings TPLF commits in Wello, Gondar, Shewa, Wellega, Harar, etc, as we speak right now. The list is almost endless, as Professor Mesfin listed and as I try to do as well.

All these are the premises, the hypothesis, Prof. Mesfin Weldemariam stated but the conclusion he arrived at is something else, shocking, unprecedented and unexpected. A lifelong achievement award like citizens who have made extraordinary stride in their own field of studies, and stellar contributions to their country and people, a luxury living homes, pensions and spendable allowance (probably he might include guards) so that they live in peace and dignity insulting and laughing (not thanking) on their country and people. That is what Mesfin Weldemariam arrived at and wanted to be done on TPLF and its mercenarily beneficiaries, after all the endless crimes he stated TPLF committed. Unbelievable to read such a statement presumably of correct thoughts of a rational thinking, from a person of such a high profile and academic stature of ideas that matter to truth in establishing a reasonably fair future of a democratic socio political structure and rule of law and justice, wounded Ethiopia and Ethiopians desperately needed to see and participate freely.

I call his statements as”’crimes of epic proportions and luxury living after“, which basically is mafia style, not “crime and punishment” as civilized society do.

Instead of holding them accountable for the epic crimes they committed, and receive justice and punishment, he set them free and rewarded them with a bounty of resources and benefits of a lifelong luxury living, from the country and people they intentionally wounded, hart and inflicted pain, suffrage, death, sorrow and dislocations of hundreds and thousands of its people for the last quarter of a century.

No court system has ever been in the history of humanity that listed and proved committed all epic crimes such as these but makes decisions and ruled to set the criminals free. That is an irresponsible judge who might be considered a partner of the criminals, who not only abuses the legal system of the community but wasted the time and efforts the prosecutors brought and the public resources used. The judge and jury believed and proved with no reasonable doubt that the crimes were committed by the group of people or criminals but decided to set them free. What do you call that? No crime or injustice which is higher and painful than the crime or injustice of setting the most criminals free and live free.

People who served as guards in the time of Hitler are hunted down today (very old people who even move in chairs) and thrown to jail until they die, and the reason is, no person of adult hood who is capable of making decisions will set free from heinous crimes he/she committed, because he/she will say, I have been told to do, or been paid to do, etc. It is not to know the reasons why a person made such crimes but simply because he/she has made such crimes and he/she is accountable for it.

That brings two consequential things: One, the court and judge do not have a legal system the community puts in place and has no clear definition of what a crime and its punishments are. Second, the court and judge gives a license to the would be heinous criminals who want to do the same kind of crimes against the community and expect to be set free again, which leaves the community in hopelessness and despair. That is called the community of the jungle, in which the weaker lives only by the mercy of the mindless and the gun touted forceful, and this is what the animal kingdom is, in which the human kingdom is different from. In the modern human kingdom, it is virtues of truth, reason, law and order that are powerful and forceful. TPLF runs a kingdom of Animals in which only those who have guns and impulses at the time do anything and everything, reason is alien to them, rational thinking is unknown and truth is undefined. All these things control the way TPLF thinks and thereby acts.

Therefore Prof. Mesfin gave TPLF and its beneficiaries a fresh air and bright hope and spirit of retirement from their crimes and also offers unprecedented law of lawlessness and non accountability to any would be TPLF like socio-political imbecile criminals who one day pop up and do the unimaginable crimes against Ethiopia and Ethiopians because of the law of lawlessness and the unpunished punishable crimes they witnessed from the country as Prof. Mesfin implied. Modern societies put civilized laws and orders so that their citizens act and live accordingly, respecting the law that is put in place common to all, for the benefit of all, and gracefully accept the penalty when they violate that law. In any normal human society, a society that values its past and the sacrifices the people have made to built and defend the country, a person who committed treason receives disgrace and the highest punishment of law as treason is believed to be a crime of a higher order of nihilism and against their livelihood, their history, sacrifices of honor and bravery paid and achievements made by its citizens since the establishment of their country.

What Prof. Mesfin did is: making a statement of logic or argument form in which the hypothesis or the premises is true of higher multiplicity but a conclusion that is not only false but false of a highest order and therefore his statement is false of the same higher order. I myself as a person of mathematics, logic and reason, there is nothing hurting to see than effects of those who have academic and intellectual latitude to teach, and tell truth to power and society so that our society establishes a socio political system that is just, fair and stable so that such things never happen in the land of Ethiopia, such groups never appear in our country again.

We Ethiopians, with all the crimes listed above are committed against us and against our country want justice to be served, need TPLF and its beneficiaries to face justice so that Ethiopians live in freedom, justice and prosperity and such crimes will never happen again. This not out of vengeance but out of truth responsibility and future concerns and sheer desires to have a reasonable democratic sociopolitical system that will work to every citizen. We Ethiopians should get rid of TPLF because they will not stop doing everything they do and continue doing it now, not because they are unable to see the damages they have done but because they cannot change the way they think. The problem of TPLF is the problem of thinking, its lack of a developed thinking of a modern human, instead of taking responsibility why they fired and killed people, they think differently and say they killed because people condemn them. The problem with TPLF is lack of a developed human thinking, that was why they decided to establish a country from a stone of no resource and with no even apparent reason to go away from Ethiopia in the first place.

The right conclusion Prof. Mesfin should have been made and what will be in time:

  • Official sincere apology to Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the heinous crimes they committed on Ethiopia and Ethiopians for the last quarter of a century.
  • Abolish and throw their bloodier and subhuman standard document termed constitution of hell – a document of cheating, division and purpose driven inciting of fighting among Ethiopians that burn Ethiopia and its people inside out for no apparent reasons for decades.
  • Declare in their own media, that the stolen lands of Gondar: Welkaite Tegedie, Humera and Telemet, Agew midir of Gojam and Wello: Raya, Azebo and Afar, are returned to their historical places and Tigray should be what it was.
  • The above action is easily made by removing the TPLF map of the deformed and disfigured Ethiopian provinces and replace it by the old and the free of language enclaves, where nobody claims uniquely but everybody claims equally and love and live in peace and justice. No Ethiopian citizen should be forced to live as a second class citizen because he/she speaks a language different from what the community speaks.
  • Freeze all their political posts and economic resources across the country.
  • Disclose and register their financial wealth they put in the country and outside to be for public use.
  • Declare their resignation from political power and happily accept justice, Ethiopia and Ethiopians deserve against them.

Actions are results of what we think about ourselves, our surroundings and the world in general, if we have that level consciousness, and what truth in general mean to us. Therefore it is important to know how people think so that we know what their actions might be. Perpetual social, political or otherwise, crimes committed by people are because of the way they think and reason, their inability or disregard to know what truth is and how to arrive at truth and act based on truth for the good of the majority and sake of fairness.

Therefore social systems are all different because of differences the way people think, what kind of culture they established from that thought process and what truth to them is, and the decisions they made and actions they take. Those societies who establish a very strong legal system of law and order based on truth, fairness and justice to all, who promote the safety and security of citizens, not groups, and there by the country, display a fast and steady progress of social and economic developments, unlike those who do not have one, always follow behind, waiting to those who are at the frontiers, as they are not yet to reach to the level of consciousness of responsibility of higher orders.

I will finish my thoughts with the following statements: Actions that emanate from lack of deep thinking and reason but enshrined and empowered with feelings of burning emotions are consequentially devastating to the people who follow that line of false thought and act accordingly.

Knowing not knowing is wisdom, it is a virtue, a savor of committing a huge consequential plunder of political, economic or otherwise that is detrimental to society. Knowing does not know what some one knows but knowing what someone does not know, since knowledge of truth, the domain of knowledge has no boundary, it is limitless.

Socrates: “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”

Knowing that you know is therefore a false knowledge.


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