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Stop Onion Peeling Politics: The TPLF, not the EPRDF! – Berhanemeskel Abebe Segni (Dr.)


It appears most people have not noticed the marked political shift within the EPRDF over the last one year and still appears to condemn or call upon the EPRDF instead of calling out the TPLF exclusively for the crimes it is committing on the Ethiopian people.

It has been about a year now since the OPDO and the ANDM have formally distanced themselves from the political positions of the TPLF.

For at least one year, both the OPDO and the ANDM have been trying to listen and respond to the demands of the Oromo and Amhara people respectively. They have been also challenging the political positions of the TPLF within the EPRDF.

The logical next step for the OPDO and the ANDM is to dissolve the EPRDF and formally separate themselves from the TPLF. That process is coming faster than we expected a couple of years back.

Noticing this marked political change within the EPRDF, some of us have been focusing on TPLF intransigence and refusal to heed the demands of the Ethiopia people for sometimes now.

It appears some social media activities and public leaders still mistakenly use the name EPRDF instead of the TPLF. It is critically important for everyone in Ethiopia to understand the marked political shift in the country. EPRDF exists in name only and the name still serves the TPLF.

Therefore, we should stop peeling onions to understand the true nature of the political structure in Ethiopia. The TPLF wants us to condemn the EPRDF or even better the Ethiopian government for all the ills and evils it did and doing to the Ethiopian people.

That has been a perfect political cover for the TPLF since these covers will exonerate and acquit the TPLF from the crimes it has been committing and still committing in the name of the EPRDF and the Ethiopian state institutions.

As we all observed during the recent press availability of the four national parties of the EPRDF, the Chairman of the OPDO, President Lemma Megersa of Oromia, went further in calling for total overhauling of the justice systems including the courts, the prison system, and the police system.

This is a clear statement of policy by the President of the Oromia Regional State in distancing the regional administration and the OPDO from the crimes of the TPLF. The Amhara Regional State also did the same on different occasions.

Now, the Ethiopian people must shift and abandon the politics of onion peeling by pretentiously claiming “the Ethiopian government” or the “EPRDF” when all the show is exclusively run by the TPLF. There is no political correctness here. All the crimes committed by the so-called “Ethiopian Defense Force”, “the Ethiopian National Intelligence”, “the Ethiopian Federal Police”, “the Ethiopian Federal Prison Administration”, and “the Ethiopian Federal Court System” are committed at the order of the TPLF officers and political leaders in order to achieve the economic, political and social ends of the TPLF and Tigreans affiliated with it.

It is abundantly clear that the TPLF and TPLF affiliated Tigreans are illegally using the Ethiopian government institutions and the Ethiopian people’s resources to commit group and individual predation to benefit themselves and criminally hurt and harm the rest of the Ethiopian people.

These organized TPLF thefts, robbery, looting, killings, torture and mass arrests of the Ethiopian people MUST end. TPLF and TPLF affiliated Tigreans are the sole culprits of these crimes. They should exclusively be condemned and held accountable. End the politics of onion peeling and focus on the real criminals and thieves, the TPLF and TPLF affiliated Tigreans( not the Tigrean people or even all TPLF members), who have been robbing and killing Ethiopians by illegally using the Ethiopian State institutions, the cover of the law, and the Ethiopian people tax money.

Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni 2nd degree connection Attorney & Counselor at Law University of Minnesota Law School Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area




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